How many wives did Lord Krishna have ?

How many wives did Lord Krishna have ?

How many wives had Lord Krishna ?

It is said that Shri Krishna had 16000 wives!!!

A demon named Narakasur abducted 16,000 women and brought his kingdom to Pragjyotishpur. Sri Krishna attacked Pragjyotishpur and killed Narakasura. Sri Krishna's companion in this expedition was his wife Satyabhama Devi.

However, Narkasur was killed, but what will happen to the kidnapped Raminis? The people of their house will not want to accept them. Society will no longer look favorably on them. So what will happen to them?

Sri Krishna accepts them as his consorts, and frees them from social stigma.

So I don't know the names of these 16,000 wives.

But, he had three main queens. They are:-

  • Rukmini (incarnation of Mother Lakshmi, daughter of Vidarbha king)
  • Jambavati (Daughter of Jambavan in Ramayana)
  • Satyabhama (Daughter of a wealthy man residing in Dwarka)

All I know is that if someone gives more information I will be more enriched.

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