Why did Krishna not marry Radha ?

Why did Krishna not marry Radha ?

Why did radha and krishna not marry ?

According to Hindu mythology, Radha is part of Goddess Lakshmi. Her love for Krishna is shown as the highest form of devotion. So this pair is a pair of eternal love.

Those who are not bound by marital bonds. He did not marry Radha even though she had many rasalilas in her childhood. It is said that Krishna left Radha in Vrindavan and went to Mathura to kill Kamsa and never returned.

He played a role in the Mahabharata war. But he never returned to Vrindavan. Radhika has lived her days in eternal bliss. Legend has it that before Krishna left for Mathura, Radharani said that Krishna was anxious that why was he not being taken?

But Sri Krishna did not respond to Radharani's words and moved forward. Radharani became more impatient with that.

Then Sri Krishna replies that marriage requires separate souls or entities.

How will he marry Sri Radhika? Then Pitambar has to marry himself with himself. That is, Radhakrishna is actually the same entity, they are one. According to Puranic information, Radha Ayal Ghosh's wife is Krishna's maternal aunt. A married woman cannot marry a second time. Actually Sri Krishna is Lord and Radharani is his devotee. Lord Krishna blessed his devotee Radharani and said,

Radha's name will always be pronounced before Krishna's name. Wherever their twin temple is, it will be called the temple of Radhakshna, so he is worshiped instead of being a goddess.

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