8 Unknown facts about Lord Rama and Lakshmana!

8 Unknown facts about Lord Rama and Lakshmana

8 Interesting facts about Rama and Lakshmana.

Some things just bother me for no reason. For instance: We see a pic of Lord Rama and Mother Sita, and in the front we see Lord Hanuman bowing to them. However, when we look at the back of this beautiful pic, we see Shri Ram's brother, Lakshmana, the half-brother of Shri Rama.  He is in all of these Hindu pics and Murti’s, so shouldn’t Lakshmana be considered as valuable too, since he also had a great role to play throughout the great Ramayana epic? 

First of all, he was a twin to Shatrughna, but yet, decided to follow his half-brother Shri Rama instead. All four brothers were married to four sisters.  Lord Rama married Sita, while Lakshmana married Sita’s younger sister Urmila.  Why was it okay for Sita to go into exile but not Urmila? Lakshmana told his young wife to stay back and take care of his parents.  They were kings and queens, so did they really need a young daughter-in-law to be there for them?  Instead, Urmila decided to sleep for fourteen years until her husband's return.  This is where the story of Sleeping Beauty arrived from.  Urmila was the real sleeping beauty!  There are seven chakras in the body that must be awakened, so therefore, being asleep for fourteen years denotes where consciousness is asleep.   Whereas, Ram going into exile for fourteen years means double awakening.  Anyone reaching this level of consciousness is considered to be a God amongst Gods! 

While in deep meditation on a pic of Shri Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, and Hanuman, I was shown that Lakshmana was really a snake. I wasn’t afraid, because I had seen these 'kingly' reptile beings before on numerous occasions.  In the vision, Lakshmana was tall and masculine wearing kingly clothing. I was mesmerized by how handsome and humble he was even tho he was in snake form.  As I continued viewing this amazing vision, I was shown Lakshmana blessing a limited amount of divine people on this earth and in other realms. 

Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Rama, and Lakshmi was reincarnated as Mother Sita in the silver age. I asked via visions again, what is the relation between Lakshmana and Lakshmi?  I mean their names are closely knitted.  Both mean a fortune in Hindi. Was Laksmana her son?  Yes, and as the vision continued, I saw Lakshmana being the coiled snake that Lord Vishnu sits on, while his wife Mother Lakshmi massages his feet. Lakshmana in the form of a snake upholds the universe, and he is known as the seven-hooded Shesh-Naag, who represents the constant movement of the universe, and even the chakras within our bodies. His role is just as important as other deities, and he is always a constant companion to his parents Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi.  Hence the reason for his birth in the silver age as Lord Rama’s brother, Lakshmana. Even in the copper age, Lord Vishnu was birth as Lord Krishna, while Maa Lakshmi was birth as his wife, Mother Radha.  Lakshmana took birth as Balarama, Lord Krishna’s brother.  

Also, since Lord Rama was such a divine and pure being, it is believed that he did not kill the demon Ravana. Lakshmana killed Ravana, and as the story goes on,  Lord Rama sent Lakshmana to learn the art of war from Ravana before he passed away. Lakshmana had a pivotal role like that of Hanuman-Jii.  But most Hindus do not revere him or give him credit for being a war hero and giving up everything to serve the lord.  

And while I write and meditate on divinity in the form of Shri Ram as Maha Vishnu, I can see my friend Lord Laksmana swaying gently back and forth as a Shesh-Nag, enjoying the music from the hearts of the Lord's devotees.  

We can all imbibe knowledge and lessons from Sage Lakshmana, the mighty servant of the Lord and upholder of the universe, and he should never be forgotten or taken for granted, but remembered and revered as much as the other deities. He is considered as brave and noble, and his devotion and love for his brother Lord Rama were legendary.  Can we take a page from Lord Shesh-Nag, or Sage Lakshmana's book and help to restore righteousness or Dharma on earth? 

Don't wait for when the earth begins to shake from massive earthquakes to remember my good friend Lakshmana. He can hear and see you just like the Lord himself. Lakshmana is the  mighty seven headed Nag that controls the movement of the universe!  I bow to thee.

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