How to celebrate Radhashtami at Home?

How to celebrate Radhastami at Home?

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Radhashtami 2023

How to celebrate Radhastami?

The correct rules for observing the Radhastami Vrat are the Puja Vidhi

4 September 2022 Sunday, Bangla 18th Bhadra, Ashtami Tithi begins on September 3 at 12:28 PM and ends at 4 September 10:39 AM

Why is Radha Ashtami celebrated ?

Radha was born at noon so the fasting period is till 12 noon. On the day before Radhastami, vegetarianism is called Sanyam. And on the day of abstinence in the evening Sankalp and Radharani should be given abode, various auspicious items should be offered to Radharani in the abode (Manglik items betel nut, banana leaf, banana, ghat, paddy durba, mango leaf, sari, towel, fragrant flower, box etc.). Then before going to sleep, you must brush your teeth so that food particles do not stick to your mouth. Then on the day of Radhastami, one has to leave the bed early in the morning. Then offer Prasad to please Radharani.

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Know Puja Rules - Wake up before sunrise, take bath and wear clean clothes. Now get a red or yellow cloth on a chowki and place the idol of Sri Krishna and Radha on it. At the same time, place the pot of pooja.

Anoint Radha and Krishna with Panchamrita. Then dress both of them in new clothes. There are different mantras to be worshiped, if you don't know the mantras, offer all the things as Mahamantras. Worship Radha and Krishna immediately after performing Ghat Puja on time. Radharani was more pleased when she gave the lotus flower. Then offer flower and fruit offerings, arrange sweets. You can also give food. Radharani's favorite delicacy " Yoghurt Arabic" is made with Kachur Mukhi. Radharani milk products are also very popular. Can be offered with different types of milk.

After this, Radharani is appeased by singing Shlok Bhajans over Radharani. It is good to give milk content as Prasad. After giving the prasad, keep basil leaves on top of the prasad.

 Then chant Radha Krishna's Pranaam Mantra (3) times, then do Radha Krishna's beautiful aarti.

Give flower garlands to Radhakrishna by chanting the Pranaam Mantra (3) times.

At the end of the puja, you must end the puja by chanting the mantra of forgiveness. Because many mistakes are made unknowingly by us while doing puja.

What do we do on Radhashtami?

Mantra asking for forgiveness from Shri Krishna:-

Namo yadaksharang maritahinach yad bhabet. 

Purnang Bhavatu Twang Sarbang Twang Prasadat Janarddan..

Mantrahinang Kriyahinang Bhaktihinang Janardana.

Yat Pujitong Mayadeva paripurnam Tadastame

Since Radharani was born at noon. So this Vrat is done till twelve o'clock. One has to fast till twelve o'clock and then offer food. If you have fasted for a full day, make it on time the next day.

Pass within 5:29 minutes from sunrise.

And those who fast till 12 o'clock, do not have to pass.

The next day of the fast, the fast is concluded by feeding the Brahmins and Vaishnavas.

Time of Parana:- Within 5:29 minutes from sunrise.

It is said that Krishna's name is prefixed with Sri Sambodhana only when he is combined with Radha. Therefore, those who have celebrated Krishna Janmashtami Vrat, if they do not observe Radhastami Vrat, the full results will not be achieved.

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