How many Gods in Hinduism?

How many Gods in Hinduism?

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How many Gods in Hinduism Total?

There are 3 main gods of Hinduism. They are Brahma - Generator, Vishnu - Operator, Shiva - Destroyer. Aka GOD.

Are there 33 crore Gods in Hinduism?

33 crore gods reality

33 million deities are worshiped in traditional religion? Is it true?? Let's know what is meant by 33 crore gods -

33 crore gods does not mean 33,00,00,000 gods. The word koti means 'type' in Sanskrit. Thirty-three million gods are mentioned in the Vedas as thirty-three kinds of gods. In the beginning the Rik Veda mentioned three (3) types of gods. They were Agni, Vayu and Surya. In the next chapter of the Rik Veda, the number of deities increases to thirty-three (33). Eleven of them are in space, eleven are in space or air and the remaining eleven are in space.

Vedic gods have no head, no body, no eyes, no horns, no arms, no legs, no form, no body. In the Vedas the gods are Prakriti Shakti devoid of senses.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (3.9.2 to 3.9.11) has the following mantra about the thirty-three deities:

The sage Sakalya asked Yagyavalkya, "How many devas (powers) O Yagyavalkya?"

- Yagyavalkya said, "33"

Then Shakya asked, "What are these 33 gods?"

- Yagyavalkya said, "Ashtavasu, which is - Fire, Earth, Air, Space, Aditya, Dau, Chandra and Nakshatra. Eleventh Rudra which is - Prana (Breath), Apana (Breath), Vyana, Samana, Udama, Naga, Kurma , Krikala, Devadatta, Dhananjaya and Jivatma. The twelfth Aditya is the twelve months of the year and Indra, Prajapati ie 33 in total. Indra is Vidyut and Prajapati is Yajna (any auspicious action)."

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Then Shaklya said again, "O Yagyavalkya, how many will I give?"

- Then he said again, "6"

Then Shaklya asked again, "Then will I give 6 o'clock?"

- Then he replied, "Fire, Earth, Air, Space, Aditya, Duh".

Shaklya said again, "O Yagyavalkya, how many will I give?"

- Then Yagyavalkya replied, "3."

Then he said, "Then what are 3 debts?"

- Then Yagyavalkya said, "Three worlds (Vhyu, Dyu, Antriksha)"

Again Shaklya asked, "O Yagyavalkya, how many will I give?"

- Then Yagyavalkya gave two answers.

Then Shaklya said again, "What are those two gods?"

- "Food and life" replied Yagyavalkya.

Sakalya asked again, “O Yagyavalkya

 How many will I give?"

- Then he said "One!"

"So who's that one?"

- "That one and unique Brahman whom all know to be the same. This is the name of the Supreme Brahman."

Often we hear a word of mouth that there are thirty three crore gods in Hinduism, even in many books it is noticed. In fact, the mispropagation of Sanatan Dharma is that Hindus have 33 crore gods and those who are inexperienced also say that we have 33 crore gods (in number). Many people make fun of this number of Hindu deities. It's really ridiculous, we can't even name 100 gods, there are 33 crores of gods, it's ridiculous. One more thing needs to be said here that it is only heard in the mouths of Bengalis. Well, has anyone ever heard from a Hindi speaker that 'Hamare Tetrish Karor Dev-Deviya Hai'? No, I didn't hear it. That means only Bengali gods are thirty-three crores. It is all a misconception.

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So is it wrong information that there are thirty-three million gods? No, it's not misinformation either. In fact, it is a result of ignorance and inexperience due to which Bengalis do not know its exact meaning. Not talking about everyone, but many people don't know this.

Now let's see what the real meaning is? First let's talk about the word 'Koti'. Koti means numerical (crore) in Bengali but in Sanskrit it means 'type' or 'type'. And in the Vedas there is no word for God, the original Sanskrit word is 'Deva'. And in Sanskrit the word Deva means power. That is, Trish Koti Dev means thirty three types of energy. Thirty-three types of God's power are mentioned in the Vedas.

Now let's see what energy is mentioned in these thirty-three types. They are divided into four parts.

There are 12 types in the first part. Namely - Aditya-dhata, Mit, Azma, Shukra, Varuna, Bhaga, Bhaga, Vivasvan, Pusha, Savitra, Tabastha and Vishnu.

There are 8 types in the second part. Namely - Vasu-dhar, Dhruva, Soma, Ah, Anil, Anol, Pratyush and Prabhas.

The third part has 11 types. Namely - Rudra-hara, Bahurupa, Triambaka, Aparajita, Brishakapi, Shambhu, Kapardi, Rebat, Mrigbyadh, Sharba and Kapali.

There are 2 types in the fourth part. Namely - Ashwini and Kumar.

These are thirty-three types in total.

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