Hinduism Beliefs and Practices


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Hinduism basic beliefs and practices

Our beliefs determine our outlook on life and conduct which also dictates our actions. We determine our destiny by actions. Belief in these three things - God, Soul and Universe - is very important. Hindus believe in many different things but they come to some basic ideas. The following nine beliefs give us a brief description of Hindu spirituality:

Hinduism Beliefs and Practices

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The Nine Beliefs of Hinduism

1) We (Hindus) believe in one Supreme Being who is simultaneously internal and transcendent to the universe, and the Creator and an immaterial reality.

2) We believe in Vedas, the world's most ancient and divine scriptures, and at the same time Tantra Mantras. These hymns are the Word of God and fundamental to the eternal Sanatana Dharma.

3) We believe the universe goes through endless cycles of creation, stasis and destruction.

4) Hindus believe in karma. According to the law of causation a person determines his destiny by his thoughts, words and actions.

5) Hindus believe that the soul takes over the body repeatedly. Hindus perform their actions through many births and finally attain Mokshalav (liberation from the cycle of birth and death). Not a single soul is deprived of this method.

6) Hindus believe that a divine entity exists in the invisible world. In temples, puja, worship, various sacred religious ceremonies and personal devotions create contact with the gods and goddesses.

7) Hindus believe that a good guru is essential for pure spirituality, personal discipline, good character, purity, pilgrimage, self-realization, meditation, and self-surrender to God.

8) Hindus believe that a person should be non-violent and gentle in his thoughts, words and actions to make life holy.

9) Hinduism is not only a path to liberation, it also gives us the light of God and increases our tolerance and thoughtfulness.

Hinduism, the world's oldest religion with no beginning – has some history. It has no human founder. It is a spiritual religion that guides a devotee to the path of truth and helps him reach the highest peak of consciousness where the soul and the Supreme Soul meet. There are four branches of Hinduism – Shaiva, Shakta, Vaishnava and Smarta.

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