Do you know? Who wrote Mahabharata?

Do you know? Who wrote Mahabharata?

Who wrote The Mahabharata?

Vedavyasa or Vyasadev is the author of the epic "Mahabharata". His father was Parashara Muni and mother was Satyavati. Satyavati was the daughter of a fisherman. His mother Urvashi Adrika assumed the form of a fish and wandered in the water with Brahma. Staying like this for some time, Satyavati was born.

Urvashi was released as well. He went to heaven. The fishermen gave the fish to a Dhibar and she grew up as a fisherman-girl. But no one would go near him because of his fishy smell. So he was taken by boat in the water of Yamuna. Parashar Muni, who was traveling on a pilgrimage, was fascinated by the form of Satyavati and asked to know her identity.

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When Parashara Muni informed Satyavati of her desire for a son, Satyavati informed her of her inability. Parashar Muni took the help of musk deer to remove the smell from his body. To preserve Satyavati's virginity, he completed the birth of Vyasadev by fogging the atmosphere. Vyasadev's complexion was black. Another name of Vyasadev was Krishnadvaipayana because his mother had her workplace in Yamuna.

The greatest ancient epic Mahabharata was written by the skillful hand of the great poet Vyasadev, the author of various books. After that I am writing two or four words about Mahabharata. As mentioned earlier, the number of sloka in Mahabharata is 100,000.

There are total 18 parts in Mahabharata. They are:

  • Adi Parva
  • Sava Parva
  • Bana Parva
  • Virat Parva
  • Udyog Parva
  • Bhishma Parva
  • Drona Parva
  • Karna Parva
  • Shalya Parva
  • Souptika Parva
  • Stri Parva
  • Shanti Parva
  • Anushasan Parva
  • Ashwamedha Parva
  • AshramVasik Parva
  • Mausal Parva
  • Mahaprasthanika Parva

Ascension Parva. Discussing in detail will increase both time and volume. So I'm not trying to go that route.

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